Mulan is gay

On this week’s Once Upon a Time it was revealed that Mulan has more than just friendly feelings for Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

The show is probably trying to be forward thinking, inclusive, and represent minorities. Or something. Not to mention that both black characters on Once Upon a Time that I can think of have died.

Then of course they make the one Asian character gay. I guess I just resent the sort of stereotyping of it. Mulan is a soldier, she pretended to be a dude once, she’s kind of dykey, of course she’s gay. Or bi or whatever. 

I am a super loyal Once Upon a Time follower and I just felt like it came out of left field. Not just the gayness, but also the idea that she would be into Aurora. If they were building up to that, I didn’t see it. So far, their subplot has been pretty insignificant and not particularly compelling. Do I see Phillip being totally cool about having a threesome with his lady and Mulan. Yes, definitely yes. Is that the only thing that will make this subplot less yawn inducing? Probably. 

I’m not really enjoying Season 3 at all. It’s been very slow moving. The Neverland scenery is beyond blah for something that should be fantastical, and I’m getting tired of looking at it. And then there’s super saccharine Snow. Everything that she says annoys me.  Plus, she has short hair, like a boy, maybe she’s the gay one. Her acting is truly horrendous though. 




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